The search for your next—or even your first—bird dog or hunting dog is a daunting task. Novice hunters or newbies in the exciting world of hunting may find themselves perplexed as they try to pick the perfect dog.

Enter Blue Dawn Kennels, where our German Shorthaired Pointers are professionally trained in the Flint Hills of central Kansas. Bobwhite quail abound here, providing a fantastic training environment for our pedigreed canines to be exposed to the world of hunting. Not only do we offer several bird dogs for sale but we also have field- and trail-ready Tennessee Walking Horses for sale.

Expert Advice on Bird Dogs

Finding just the right hunting dog is not a search you should undertake lightly, and it is imperative to seek expert opinions and training. Blue Dawn Kennels has offered those services for years. We pride ourselves in meeting with clients and striving to make a personality match between a dog and his or her new master. We love our dogs and seek to make the match as positive for them as for the client.

Our webpage offers a variety of evidence showing the bloodlines of our animals. Please browse through the pages and check out the photographs and awards earned by our hard work and endeavors. We feel confident that you can see the quality and health of our animals by looking at their conformation and stature.

Please do not make such an important purchase from just anyone. Feel free to call us at 620-437-2929. We are eager to hear from you and hope to arrange a personal consultation to assess your hunting dog needs.

 We have several possible hunting dogs propthatwe are considering selling.  Please call for more information.

 Bird Dogs For Sale

Reliable Bird Dogs for Sale