Professional Bird Dog Trainer,  Field Trail Trainer

Our summer training begins right after the 4th of July.  The dogs began a weekly routine of conditioning and bird work.  This consists of 1/2 of the dogs roading (with 4 wheeler) & the other 1/2 being run off of horseback.  They rotate Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday.  Wednesday they will be worked on foot with birds.  The dogs will have the weekend off.  We charge $600.00 for field trial dogs & $600.00 for hunting dogs per month and this price includes birds at this time.  When field trialing the dogs the monthly cost will include entry fees and travel costs.

This training is the basic elements for both field trial dogs & hunting dogs.  We try to make this process as easy on the dog, owner and the trainer as possible, but still achieve the desired results.

If the dog passes, Keith will then start a yard breaking program (come, whoa, heel).  When the dog is doing this well and Keith sees that the dog can take the pressure, he will start forcebreaking the dog to retrieve.

Let BDK take care of all you bird dog needs.

Our Training changes for each individual dogs needs.  We offer training from puppies to finished dogs.

Blue Dawn Kennels

Bird  Dog Training

We start with a 30 day evaluation period of your dog.  The evaluation period begins with Keith taking the dog out on a checkcord to  see if the dog will point a bird, then the bird is flushed.  The dog is allowed to chase as Keith shoots (this is to see if the dog is gunshy and if the dog is a natural retriever).